Welcome! The Kungoni Weblog was inaugurated in May 2016. Its purpose is as stated: to offer news of Kungoni Centre (Mua Mission, MALAWI) and to reflect on the Kungoni Art Project, which was begun in 2012 and is now looking toward the fortieth anniversary of Kungoni Centre (established 1976) later this year.

The Weblog is named after Njovuyalema, a character in Gule Wamkulu described by Claude Boucher Chisale in When Animals Sing and Spirits Dance.

It is no longer possible to visit the image of Our Lady of Africa that provides the cover for this Weblog. It was painted in the 1980’s by Claude Boucher Chisale and Patricio Tambala Mponyani + for Nyungwe Parish Church, which lies between Blantyre and Zomba, but was destroyed in a fire set by villagers gathering honey on the night of 15th November 2015: the Kungoni Art Project allows the only memory of the image.

Njovuyalema.org has three separate 'Newsfeeds', which exist to publish news and announcements relating to the three websites of KUNGONI Online:

News can be accessed directly from the Menu.

There are, in addition, Views: articles by several hands that offer reflection on related matters. It is intended that posts will be regular more than frequent, but considered and such as to invite a response.

We should be very interested to hear from anyone who wishes to post to this Weblog.

Richard Hewitt