Fr. Claude Boucher M.Afr. established (what is now) Kungoni Centre of Culture and Art at Mua Parish, Dedza District in 1976. Over the years Kungoni Centre has become well known in Malawi and beyond for the excellence of its ethnographic museum (the Chamare Museum) and the activity of the more than two hundred artists who have worked there.


Njovuyalema.org is The Kungoni Weblog. Its principal purpose is to post online representative works from the Kungoni Art Project.

Mr. Florensio Mpamu's representation of Chadzunda, Father of Gule Wamkulu, hangs in the Art Gallery at Kungoni Centre. As befits their father, Chadzunda's face is wrought from other Gule Wamkulu characters.

The piece bears a startling name: 'Lord, to whom shall we go? Thou hast the words of eternal life' (John 6:68). It was created for the Bishop of Dedza and is Mr. Mpamu's comment on the marginalisation of Gule Wamkulu from the life of the Church in Malawi.

Mr. Mpamu is photographed outside the Art Gallery.

Florencio Mpamu


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