Friday Jibu – Aloe

Friday Jibu - Acanthus

Malawi - Private Collection


Here, from the same collection, is Friday Jibu's Aloe. There is a gallery of images of this striking plant growing in Malawi here and there is botanical information here. The most authoritative book length account is by a long serving Anglican missionary: Lane, S.S. (2004). A Field Guide to the Aloes of Malawi. Pretoria: Umdaus Press.

Gentle Reader... These first few posts have been introductory, so that Njovuyalema, whose education predates the Internet, might begin to familiarise himself with the possibilities of WordPress. The next will be the first of an important sequence, which will describe from post to post a significant Kungoni project: the parish church of Mua Mission itself.



Artist: Friday Jibu

Title: Aloe

Date: 2016

Themes: Plants

Source: Vidi

Friday Jibu - Acanthus