Culture & Art from Central Africa

James Samikwa

James Samikwa – Stations of the Cross

Malawi – Dedza District – Mua Parish   These Stations of the Cross follow the order prescribed by the Novus Ordo. They include not only the Passion narrative but also (unusually) the Resurrection.   KAP.B(i). Artist: James Samikwa Title: Stations of the Cross Date: 1989 Themes: Christ, Church Furniture, Passion, Resurrection, Stations of the Cross…

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James Samikwa – God Our Mother

Malawi – Dedza Diocese – Mua Parish – Parish Church   High over the nave of the church hangs James Samikwa’s depiction of God Our Mother. God – Chauta (one of several Chewa names for God) is depicted, as often in Kungoni art, concealed behind a mask, which suggests here a smiling mother who extends…

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