Culture & Art from Central Africa

Jibu Sani

Jibu Sani – Altar (Life & Death)

Malawi – Dedza District – Mua Parish   This remarkable altar must count among Jibu Sani’s masterpieces. God is depicted as lightning, containing within Himself the cycle of human life and death. The contrast between God’s power without (the body of the altar) and human weakness within is striking. We see Man’s descent from sky…

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Jibu Sani – Processional Cross

Malawi – Dedza District – Mua Parish   Here we illustrate a simpler piece – by an artist whose acquaintance with Claude Boucher goes back to the earliest days of Kungoni Centre. Jibu Sani came from Zomba to become one of its first established artists and he taught his art to his large family, which…

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