Claude Boucher & Joseph Kadzombe – Mary Help of Christians


Malawi - Dedza Diocese - Mua Parish - Parish Church


The West door of the parish church is flanked by two frescoes in cement, which are the first of many that will appear on these pages.

The one to the left depicts Mary Help of Christians, which is the dedication of the church and mission: Our Lady of Help. Mary is depicted in a domestic scene that is familiar throughout rural Malawi. The harvest has been fruitful and Mary is able to offer the children of the village mondokwa, the green maize that is so highly prized. In the background is an nkhokwe (granary), which is now filled with the staple food for the coming year. This provides visual representation of the text: Mary is our help; she gives us also Jesus, who is not physical 'bread' but the 'bread of life'.

This is the first piece in our collection by Fr. Claude Boucher M.Afr. He arrived in Malawi from his native Canada in 1967 and established what is now Kungoni Centre of Culture and Art in 1976. He has worked in many media, but his murals, wall hangings and frescoes in cement are perhaps his most compelling work. His assistant in many of these projects is Joseph Kadzombe.



Artist: Claude Boucher & Joseph Kadzombe

Title: Mary Help of Christians

Date: 1996

Themes: Christ - Bread of Life, Church Decoration, Fresco, Our Lady, Women

Source: Vidi