Claude Boucher & Patricio Tambala Mponyani – St. John the Baptist


Malawi - Zomba Diocese - Lisanjala Parish - Mambo Outstation


In the late 1960's and throughout the 1970's Claude Boucher applied himself to the completion of wall paintings for humble outstations in remote parishes, where he gave Malawian identity to Gospel scenes more familiar under other dress. His collaborator in this work was Patricio Tambala Mponyani (now deceased).

These have survived more or less intact. In this example the congregation has obviously attempted to paint around the image but without sufficient care to preserve its line.

We display this wall painting from Zomba Diocese because it is one of the few depictions of St. John the Baptist in Kungoni art. He has a manly bearing that befits one who is 'the greatest of men': he points toward the Cross with his right hand and holds the chikho (gourd) with which he baptised Christ in his left. Today is the Feast of the Baptism of the Lord.



Artist: Claude Boucher & Patricio Tambala Mponyani

Title: St. John the Baptist

Date: 1978

Themes: Baptism, Church Decoration, St. John the Baptist, Wall Painting

Source: Vidi