Jibu Sani – Processional Cross


Malawi - Dedza District - Mua Parish


Here we illustrate a simpler piece - by an artist whose acquaintance with Claude Boucher goes back to the earliest days of Kungoni Centre. Jibu Sani came from Zomba to become one of its first established artists and he taught his art to his large family, which includes Friday Jibu. The Christ of this image is remarkable for the slightness of its physiognomy, which draws attention to the brutality of the Cross on which it is hung. It is notable that Jibu Sani is a Muslim who works happily in a Christian idiom.

Tomorrow we will leave Mua Parish to present an image of St. John the Baptist from Zomba Diocese.



Artist: Jibu Sani

Title: Processional Cross

Date: 1989

Themes: Christ – Cross, Church Furniture

Source: Vidi