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Artists [A]

Claude Boucher, Leonard Chikasasa, Friday Jibu, Joseph Kadzombe, Mwadza Maleka, Telesphore Mpira, Thomas Mpira, Ismael Mulera, James Samikwa, Jibu Sani, Arkadio Siwanda, Patricio Tambala Mponyani

Titles [TI]

Aloe, Altar (Life & Death), Baptismal Font (New Life with Plants), Creation, Creatures of the Air, Creatures of the Land, Creatures of the Lake & under the Land, Father & Son, God Our Mother, Head of Mbona, Human Skull, Lectern (Holy Trinity), Lozenge 01, Lozenge 02, Men's Work, Mother & Child, Mary Help of Christians, Nativity, Paschal Candle (Celestial Village), Processional Cross, Risen Christ, St. John the Baptist, Stations of the Cross, Tabernacle (Nkhokwe / Kachisi), Tabernacle Stand, The Visitation, Women's Work

Themes [TH]

Adam & Eve, Animals, Altar, ATR, Baptism, Birds, Butterflies, Chameleon, Chewa, Christ - Bread of Life, Christ - Child, Church Decoration, Church Furniture, Fish, Fresco, God - Chauta, God - Creator, God - Holy Trinity, God - Word, Gospel, Gule Wamkulu, Human Body, Lectern, Maize, Men, Mortality, Mother & Child, Nativity, Our Lady, Plants, Pregnancy, Rains, St. Francis of Assisi, St. John the Baptist, Visitation, Wall Painting, Women, Wood Panel, Work

Places [P]

England - Oxfordshire - Drayton - St. Peter's Church

Malawi - Dedza Diocese - Mua Parish - Parish Church

Malawi - Zomba Diocese - Lisanjala Parish - Mambo Outstation

Malawi - Private Collection