Please Note...

The Kungoni Art Project has amassed a great treasury of images and information relating to the remarkable activity of Kungoni Centre of Culture & Art, Mua Mission, over more than forty years. This comprises both archive material and, thanks to the generosity of individuals and institutions in many countries, original photographs, which date, for the most part, to journeys throughout Malawi and 'beyond the Lake' undertaken between 2012 and 2016.


It remains our hope to post a part of the FileMaker database online at some point. However, the technical requirement exceeds what any of us has time and ability for at present.


Accordingly, the purpose of The Kungoni Weblog is twofold:



To publish a selection of works of art that are either representative or significant by drawing on photographs and information held on the database. This will be done at regular intervals over the course of at least the next year (2019). As the content increases, the 'category' and 'search' function on The Kungoni Weblog will allow some of the use of the original database.



To advertise (as occasion arises) any news of Kungoni Centre of Culture & Art, Mua Mission, and / or other matters of Malawi cultural and artistic interest.


The principal author is a teacher at Kamuzu Academy, Malawi. He has worked with Fr. Claude Boucher, the director of Kungoni Centre of Culture & Art, Mua Mission, over a number of years. However, his views (and his errors of fact and interpretation) remain his own and he speaks neither for Fr. Claude Boucher nor for the many other people involved in this extraordinary creative endeavour. Any constructive comment will be gratefully received.


If you wish to use material from The Kungoni Weblog, please make appropriate acknowledgment and, for preference, contact us first.


This website is named for Njovuyalema, 'Mr. Elephant is Tired', a character in Gule Wamkulu, the 'Great Dance' of the Chewa people of Malawi, who plays the part of the wise elder passing on tradition and value to those of a younger generation... Its colours are those of the national flag of the Republic of Malawi.



31st December 2018