Telesphore Mpira – Baptismal Font (New Life with Plants)


Malawi - Dedza District - Mua Parish


Telesphore Mpira is one of the several brothers of Thomas Mpira who have also established themselves at Kungoni Centre. This baptismal font is in a state of some disrepair. However, it is lavishly decorated with plants, which suggest the work of cultivation that is placed upon the family and godparents if the newly baptised is to grow to the full life of the Church. A similar font, in better condition, is to be found in the Parish Church of Molere Parish, Chikwawa Diocese.



Artist: Telesphore Mpira

Title: Baptismal Font (New Life with Plants)

Date: 1991

Themes: Church Furniture, Baptismal Font, Plants

Source: Vidi